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It is not easy to shift from our house to another, then how it can be easy for Indian to shift from their nation to another country. And when it is about moving to America. A rapid change in their lifestyle either change them totally, or they learn how to adjust. But there is also another case known as- Jugaado Indian Families.

Indians will be Indians and they will remain to be no matter wherever they go. They have such life hacks to save the day- almost every day!

Below I have listed a few instances wherein Indians have used their Jugaado mind:

1. Faucet Spray or Butt Wipes?

Umm, as we all know that Americans like to use toilet paper to clean themselves off after a good poop. While on the other hand, Indians like to wash it off with water, unless we don’t fee hygienic down there. So what can the hack here? They use wet wipes instead of facing the torture of using toilet paper only. If you don’t get your hands on faucet spray, don’t worry wet tissues are best.

2. Fafda Over Pancakes

Pancakes are good for the weekend, or sometimes in the evening with foreign friends, but imagine having British breakfast and pancakes daily, how you will feel. I don’t think that a guju family can survive with it. But Fafda, theplas, and dhoklas are still jugaad-snacks that you can make to replace British breakfast.
3. No Mover Packers, They Have More Helping Hands

We Indians have a common quality, to help! Yes, an Indian family is helpful either living in India or abroad. With surging prices of mover and packers in abroad, Indian families help each in and even Indian neighbors. Everybody unites to support.

4. Fan Stopped?

Home owned by Indian families abroad, you will find their kitchen filled with Indian spices, and other traditional food, the interior of the house will reflect the Indian culture. Remember in summer when the fan stops Indian never freak-out, instead, they use their jugaado mind and take a long stick to move the fan blade until it starts on its own.

5. Street Food At Home

The most delicious thing about India is- its spices and different street foods. While living in abroad Indian absolutely miss their delicious street food. Even you are lucky enough to get it at some Indian restaurants, but still, that taste will be missing. So, to adjust in the situation, Indians start their own street food cooking in their house.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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