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Holi happens to be a huge festival in India when everyone is asked to shed their inhibitions and go gaga about the celebration. Most of them out there love drinking this very essential toxic stuff called bhang with their friends or rather it constitutes one of the important parts of adding to the festival. Over the years, it has almost become a custom to have bhang on Holi and play with colors later for the trippy effect.Few of them shared their experience with bhang and the answers are all about divine intoxication:

"I just zoned out. I felt like there was background score to my trip even though there was no music. I had a constant smile on my face. At the end, I slept like a baby."

"I wanted to do everything on loop. When I started eating, I couldn’t stop and ended up eating fourteen rotis. I kept listening to just one song which was 'rang barse’. When I slept, I slept for a really long time."

"For me, all the colours were so enhanced and I simply felt so euphoric. I kept telling my friends that I love this world and its colours. They all make fun of me for this till today."

4. "I’m an introvert and mostly shy. My first Holi away from home was during the second year of college. I had bhang after my seniors insisted and for the first hour, I thought my capacity is great because nothing was happening to me. However, an hour later, I don’t know why but I was drawn to the dance area. I danced my heart out with my colleges and ended up making friends that day. It is definitely one of my best memories."

5. "The first time I drank bhang, all I did was sit in a circle with my friends and eat while looking at each other and laughing. There were moments when we laughed because none of us knew what we were laughing about."

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