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For the next time when you’d be ready to compromise on your snoozing hours to binge-watch a series or chat with friends or stay glued to your smartphone for nothing good, give it a thought again! Unknowingly, you are ruining your career by staying awake till late at night and there is science to back this up.

A study conducted by Division of Sleep Medicine at the Harvard Medical School says lack of sleep impacts an employee’s mood, ability to concentrate at work, and even affects your brain's functioning for days. The short term gains by staying up for a few hours every other night is taking a toll on your productivity levels at the office.
Alongside this, another study done by the University of Rochester emphasizes on how sleep deprivation directly impacts your brain's proper functioning. As per researchers, the brain removes toxic proteins from its neurons when one is asleep, that improves a person's ability to think clearly and process information. No strong or black coffee can fix that.

Also, do you eat quite frequently at the office? Do you know what to blame for this habit? Your sleeping pattern. Not just it affects your problem-solving skills, rising stress levels, and emotional reactivity, sleep deprivation can make you gain abnormal weight.

Many such studies suggest unhealthy sleeping pattern makes you feel like eating every time (untimely) and also take a toll on your metabolism. Your body actually struggles more to burn the calories you consume and plus, it adversely affects your immune system as well.
Analysis done on millions of working professionals concluded that 90 percent of the top performers were emotionally intellectual and had the ability to stay calm under pressure. These people knew how to stay concentrated and handle their emotions smartly at work, something that can be done only when your body is having enough rest.

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