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Greek artist Gregory Grozos is on a fascination mission to prove that watches can do much more than just tick and show you time. They can fit entire worlds inside them. "I call my creations 'miniature worlds' because that is what I exactly aim them to be," Gregory writes. "I try to make each work as detailed and complete as a tiny world would need to be in order to be called a world."

He says, "All the themes and ideas are my own and many of my works can be broadly categorized as steampunk, fantasy and whimsical in style. I pay a lot of attention to fine detail, trying to bring to a harmonious combination many tiny bits and materials that come from a variety of unlikely sources."

Gregory sells his artworks on ETSY where the artist already gained 71 reviews. Every single one of them has achieved 5 stars. "I believe that art is a field of human culture which has tremendous power in affecting people," he adds. "I thus try to bring out what is positive, bright and wholesome in my art, making it into something which can have the capacity of benefiting, inspiring and helping others. Seeing things in this way has opened up a completely new field of ideas, creativity and an enthusiasm to improve my skills, techniques, and knowledge."

His pieces range from $39 all the way up to a thousand, but each of them has to offer something unique. And that's what's great about Gregory's work. Despite the lack of space within the watches, Gregory manages to come out with a story that feels whole. They are full of tiny detailing that keeps your eyes wandering in countless rows of bottles, jars, and screws.

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