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This true that now girls are more attracted to black rather than pink. Gone those days when you see girls in hot pink, baby pink and in many other hues of pink. Now modern girls are different they like to be independent, bold and black.

Love for black is unbeatable and irreplaceable. If you like wearing whole black for parties, day-out, or even in your office, go for it girl you are on the right track. I have listed 5 different looks for ladies who want to dedicate their five of office to complete black look.

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#1 Turtle neck top and high waist pants

This look is super easy to carry for the Monday when you are not ready to go office after a relaxing weekend or you’re running late. Simply take your turtle neck top and wear it with a high waist formal pant, polished black heels, and a classic tote bag.

#2 Black Dress

Another easy one for the 2nd day of office, take your shower and get into your simple A-line formal black dress. If you want to break the all-black look, you can carry a nude or brown purse and sandals.

#3 Whole black pant-suit set

Have the meeting on Wednesday? You are all ready to break the silence with your whole black attire. Balck pant-suit and a casual t-shirt are perfect for a boss-like look.

#4 Black cord-set with grey top

For a stylish day of the fourth day in office, you can opt for this pair. Coat and paint always give a formal look. Wear your black cord-set with a grey top tucked in the belt. You can add some statement jewelry to compliment your look.

#5 Black shirt and pant

For more-casual like Friday you can take your black shirt on and pair it with a black skinny pant or jeans. Fold your shirt’s sleeves and carry that beautiful wristwatch and you are ready for the final day of the week at the office with just little efforts.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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