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Water is much more than what we think of it. Most of us just know that we cannot survive without water only because we when we thirsty we need to drink it. It has more job than just to quench our thirst for it. Let’s have a look at it’s most crucial function with our body:

Weight Loss
No matter how much you have squeezed your diet or how much you are working out in a day, without water you just can’t lose weight. Water makes all your body processes function in a proper way and prevent unnecessary cravings.Our bodies require a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water (2 liters) every day because many of our vital body parts need water. But it also depends on your weight and size, along with your activity. On average, you need half to an ounce of water for every pound of your weight.

The saliva plays a huge role in breaking down food into nutrients for the body, has water as its base, of course. Water also assists in the digestion of soluble fibre.

When you drink an ample amount of water, it prevents your blood from thickening, which when reaches heights can lead to heart attack, increased blood pressure and others. One needs to have the necessary amount of water all day to keep the heart function healthy.

Talking about the conservation of water, let’s revise the steps that we can take to conserve this precious element:
Starting from the water you use to clean your vegetables and pulses can also be reused to water your plants, store the water that is drained from our RO filters and use it for cleaning floors and shelves. Teach yourself rain water harvesting and use it for your household chores.

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