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Falling for someone in this life is not a big thing, it eventually happens during the course of events even after a heartbreak. But, dating someone right after a nasty breakup is quite a huge deal and you should embed a few objectives in your mind before going ahead again:

1. Self-love is the first love
When you had a bad break up you know this fact that it’s because you’ve always let yourself down just to make your partner happy. You’ve sacrificed many of your wishes just to make things right with your ex-partner. Make sure that this should just not be the case with your next one. You are never putting your wishes and desires down just because your partner doesn’t like it.

2. Don’t force things
Make this new one realize your actual worth. Don’t be desperate to talk to him/her every time. Let your new partner realize your actual value in your absence. Don’t make yourself so easily available. You should always hold that gravity while dating someone next. No not ego, but self-esteem.

3. Learn to question
This is one of the most important things in today’s date. People fear questioning stuff when they’re dating someone new, maybe in the fear of sounding desperate or interrogative. But, no! This is just not the case. Whenever you feel that something is not right and needs to be asked to go up straight and question. No, you aren’t putting yourself down by questioning; you are just putting yourself above anything and that’s how it should be.

4. Spend time wisely
When spending quality time, think twice; as mentioned before don’t let yourself too much available. Spend time in a way that it doesn’t make you too feasible and which makes your partner ask for you more.

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