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Google searched for something realistic, relatable and researched for answers to this query of what makes a boss a good boss for his employees. And now guess what, the organization conducted a ten-year long study where they studied the behavioral traits of their best performing managers and came up with a list of qualities which makes a good manager. Here they are:

1. A Coach
A good senior is not just a top performer, but also a great guide. He or she put much time and energy to improve the skills and efficiency of the team members and makes them better and positive-minded professionals.

2. Empowering
A great manager encourages his or her team to play with creativity, share ideas and have their unique working style. The junior shouldn’t hanker around the senior’s approval for taking everyday minute decisions, and that’s how an employee feels empowered also, motivated at the workplace.

3. Creating a good environment
Every employee wants a boss who creates a comfortable and easy to go environment to work, and is genuinely concerned for the performance of every single team member. As Google rightly says, “They feel confident that no one on the team will embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting a mistake, asking a question, or offering a new idea.”

4. A good communicator
A manager should be efficient and goal-oriented for all the obvious reasons, and one thing which is one of the most important in this is his communication skill. He or she must take feedbacks and also give it back, be a great listener, encourage a transparent atmosphere in the team and keep the employees motivated time and again.

5. Supports Career
A manager should assist its team members to learn new skills, understand their career goals, offer honest feedback and support them to put a step ahead in their careers.

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