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Are you done with that daily schedule of swinging to and fro from home to work and back from work to home, I can feel you. Whether it's getting up every day at 7:00 AM and going to the same tea shop and ordering the same mundane stuff, getting in the shoes of your everyday routine is risky. Therefore, it’s high time to let go of this drudgery and inhibitions and venture out of your comfort zone to get some respite. Wondering where you can go where you can feel like your soul is freed?

The World's Happiest Countries list is out and Finland is right on the top. From the breathtaking views to skiing resorts, here's all the reason why you need to drop everything else and embark on the journey to the happiest country in the world.

Who doesn’t want to lay their eyes on the magical Northern Lights? If you timely plan your trip, you can get to experience the amazing and breathtaking experience of the Northern Lights from Finland.

Another place that tourists love to visit in Turku on the Southwest coast. Here, you can indulge in the old architecture and relics by paying a visit to the Turku castle and the Aboa Vetus Museum. One of the main attractions of Finland is the number of lakes where you can spend a relaxing day of fishing and boating. With the Baltic Sea and the archipelagos, you can enjoy a day of doing nothing but just taking a good sunbath, reading a good book and relishing nature’s beauty.

Also, Finnish literature is one of the most talked about in the world. Sit in any local coffee shop and read up on the National epic poem, Kalelvela, Aleksis Kivi, The Seven Brothers, The Unknown Soldier and other fine works that you can enjoy from the local bookshops.

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