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You are in your sweatpants, hair knotted in a messy bun, wearing dishwashing gloves (actually most of us don’t wear) and you are supposed to give one day from your weekend to the cleaning- as it is cleaning day! There are a lot to do, so you must be sweating, right? I have so many words to explain about your situation, but the list doesn’t include *Cute* for sure.

Not only you, in this situation no one can look cute unless it is Sanjay Leela Bhansali film or Bhatt sahab casting you. Well, jokes apart her have an easy and cute solution- Dusting/Mopping Slippers. These slippers are so cute and very useful for making your cleaning work bit easy. You can easily get these cute and useful slippers from online shopping e-commerce websites.

Let us see some of the super cute designs of these slippers;

1. Dog Dusting Slippers

Cute slippers as well as a word like a mop. Might be your dog not, but this dog mopping slipper will absolutely reduce your cleaning work.

2. Ladybird Dusting Slippers

Have you ever thought that can also fall in love with ladybird? I know it is a dusting slipper, but who cares, at least it is in ladybird design right.

3. Pig Dusting Slippers

Pigs are so famous for their cute pink color, but they are also the tackiest animal, muddy, smelly, eewww! But don’t worry this pig won’t do it, instead, it will help you in cleaning.

4. Puppet Face Dusting Slippers

Puppets are cute, and no one can deny from this fact, right. So, why not buying a cute pair of puppet face dusting slippers?

5. Alphabet Dusting Slippers

A, B, C, D…. all in your dusting slippers, how cool is that! And most importantly the color coordination of three hues brown colors is amazing. Actually, after cleaning by wearing these you will start enjoying your cleaning day.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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