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There’s a reason why we call our office our second home, home is not a place to behave like a lifeless mannequin. Like if we can feel frustrated, irritated, elated during office hours, then is there anything wrong in feeling emotional? Let’s come straight to the point like is it okay if you shed a few tears at office? Would people frown at you for that? Are you going to see people raising their brows for that? Here are a few things which is needful to know:

It’s a clear fact that an employee ain’t a robot. The reason varies from something disturbing or unsettling that has happened in personal or professional life, it’s basic to feel such emotions. So, dropping a few tears might be seen in a negative light or can become a new hot topic of gossip, at least that’s what comes in our mind when we cry.

If the situation is such as you feel embarrassed for getting emotional over something at your office, you are not alone. Top industry leaders including Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, have admitted to crying at work and has urged its fellow mates to stop treating it as a taboo.
According to a survey in author’s Anne Kreamer book Emotions at Work, 41 percent women and 9 percent of men have confessed crying at work. The fact being, male participants felt better afterward and quoting the exact words, “their minds felt sharper, the future seemed brighter, and they felt more physically relaxed and in control.” While female participants felt “rotten afterward as if they’ve failed a feminism test.”

This survey also came out with the indication that an individual’s emotionally-driven actions cannot be linked just to one gender. The logic is quite simple behind! Those who tend to take things directly to their heart tend to feel like crying and that’s completely fine. After all, we’re all human beings and human beings are essentially made up of such fragile emotions, and one shouldn’t in any way feel embarrassed about this.

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