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The heart never listens to mind and mind never listen to heart, but in this case, you have to control your heart mindfully. Office Affairs are the most common thing in metro cities and big offices, an aspiring opportunity for your career may bring some twist in your life, but it only happens when you left your heart loosely handed.

Affair with a boss or a senior person happens with almost every second person in the office, and in most of the cases it is not true love, instead, it is a playful witty for advantage. The list of advantages is so huge and can include so many reasons behind. It may include an employee’s early success and promotions or might be it all about boss’ fantasies. There are many cases recorded of a drastic end of these #OfficeRomance.

So, how to control your heart, how to draw a fine line between office and romance. I have listed some points through which you will be able to know the difference between personal and professional life.

Don’t Take Your Emotions To Office

The office environment is all about professionalism and work, for which you are getting paid. But I also agree to the life that grows inside the walls of the office, so office romance and friendship is normal. But still sharing your emotions there is not so-like-professional. Maybe some people with wrong intentions try to take advantage through your emotional behavior.

Office Means Work

We all know this but how many of us follow this agenda. The office is for work and your house is for a personal life. So, never mix these two different world in one place, as it will only trouble you.

Office Parties- Limited Fun

There should be a limit in your fun and enjoyment when going to an office party. Many employees got drunk so much and develop a relationship with others that may disturb your professionalism.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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