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Beginning from robotic waiters and high-tech bicycles to privacy visors, we dove into the recent inventions that are strange but beautiful and also, unique in their own way:

1. A restaurant in downtown Harbin, China, employs 20 robots instead of humans that cook, serve and entertain its guests. The restaurant inaugurated in June 2012 and has since become a novelty spot in Heilongjiang province’s capital.

2. What is there to say about this memorial to Steve Jobs that was unveiled in St, Petersburg, Russia? Well now, you can find it in the courtyard of the National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. It has more to it than just a veterinary-prescribed bag of pet food. The design, selected through a competition run by the Progress IT Fund, is called Sunny QR Code and is the work of Gleb Tarasov.

3. As you descend in the technicolor stairwell into Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, it's like stepping into an alternate reality. It only gets sassier from there. The robot show is like total chaos, but the high-voltage performance is actually a carefully planned routine that requires vigorous preparation and practice.

4. Dave Hurban of Dynasty Tattoo in Newfield, Gloucester County embedded four magnets in his wrist in order to wear his iPod Nano, without any straps. Now, that’s something next to the next level.

5. The 18-meter-tall robot in Odaiba district in Tokyo, which stood as an icon for anime fans from all over the world and one of the city’s tourist attractions, will be taken down on March 5 next year.The robot is a life-size statue of the sci-fi battle suit designed by one of the characters in the popular anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam.”

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