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You can find romance, couple’s kuchi-pu things everywhere, as the internet and TV series are flooded with it. But if you are bored seeing these ‘Out-of-the-world’ romance that is nowhere near to the reality then these five web series will entertain you. From friendships to the growing relationship between two individuals and the problems they fight together, this all these web series will offer you. So let us start our journey to the ‘Relationship’.

1. Ladies Room

Two best friends Dingo and Khanna supporting each other through dick pics, single hood, breakups, and unplanned pregnancies. Watch this web series of two independent girls, who are far from their house, building their career and how amazingly face everything that comes in their life.

2. Tripling

When Chandan Sharma, played by the actor, Sumeet Vyas, gets divorced he returns to his brother and sister, paving way for an extraordinary road trip. The series will offer you a great bonding between the trio and how they handle when careers and marriages are in trouble.

3. Rise

Vikrant Messey, an Indian television actor, playing the character who finds the freedom from dependency in a most unexpected manner during a road trip with a friend’s relative. Find this chance of a friendship between people on fundamentally different levels of ideology.

4. Engineering Girls

A refreshing and non-stereotypical take on girls to break all the hypocritical thinking, develop their friendship with the passing time, and deals with their love-life, career, and help in each other life’s problem.

5. Girl In The City

A web series based on the girl who is fashion enthusiast and ropes in her childhood dreams, and reality checks, ambitions and self-revelation, to vividly paint a relationship every individual hold with one’s own self, amidst other friendships and love angles.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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