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The lady Nawaz Modi mother of two young married to business tycoon Gautam Singhania, is a fitness expert. Her fitness goals stunned people many times. And her free spirit to live the life made us find unknown facts about her and her life.

So, let us know more about ‘Nawaz’:

#1 Nawaz Modi Singhania is a well-known artist apart from the fitness trainer. She has showcased her art at the collection in Mumbai which was well received by those who attended the event. She never fails to win the heart of people by her painting depicting the theme of spirituality and dance. Her painting is vibrant in terms of hues and reflects her personality in fitness and dance with her spiritual views.

#2 Modi Singhania is India’s Leading Fitness & Wellness Icon and also the founder of Art Fitness Centres. She is also a leading columnist, life coach, and a motivational speaker.

#3 Though being a billionaire, the lady is not like the person who only focuses on brands and shows wealth through expensive clothes accessories. Instead, she likes to prefer simple clothes and still looks like a million bucks.

#4 Nawaz started her journey towards the fitness industry at the age of 21 and as soon as she completed her graduate degree in B.A, she made a successful move with the Body Art Fitness Studio.

#5 She is also a travel bug, along with her husband Gautam Singhania she loves traveling and exploring new places. The couple’s most favorite destination is Bali, and the love for the place is so strong that it inspired them to design their Alibaug house in Balinese style.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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