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Coming directly to exactly what it is, Anti-satellite missiles can be deployed against enemy satellites, destroying crucial intelligence during the war.
So it goes like, India tested an anti-satellite weapon on Wednesday, saying the locally produced interceptor was used to destroy an object in orbit.
Such a weapon allows ambushing enemy satellites, where the enemy actually blacks out, disrupting communications - as well as providing a technology base for intercepting the raving missiles.

India, whose space programme has developed launchers, satellites and probes to the Moon and Mars, created the interceptor used in Wednesday's test domestically, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a broadcast on television.
The United States executed the first anti-satellite tests in 1959 when satellites were one heck of a big deal and one had no idea about what exactly it is.

Bold Orion, made as a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile repurposed to attack satellites, was launched from a bomber and made to go close enough to the Explorer 6 satellite for it to have been destroyed if the missile had been armed.
The Soviet Union followed the path around the same time span. In the 1960s and early 1970s, it tested something same that could be launched in orbit, approach enemy satellites and disrupt them with an explosion, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, a non-profit research and advocacy organization.

Last, in 1985, the US tested the AGM-135, launched from an F-15 fighter jet, taking down an American satellite called Solwind P78-1.
No further test was seen for 20 years after that.
In 2007, China contributed the anti-satellite arena by destroying an old weather satellite in a high, polar orbit. The test created the largest orbital debris cloud remembered so far, with more than 3,000 objects, according to the Secure World Foundation.Just after that, the US executed Operation Burnt Frost, using a ship-launched SM-3 missile to destroy a defunct spy satellite.

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