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If you are thinking that self-love is fulfilling the needs a person required then you are wrong. If you are thinking that self-need is self-actualization then you are wrong. Then what is right, you must be thinking. Fulfilling ones need is not wrong, but comparing it with the self-love is like comparing a beautiful rose with a corpse.

People run behind money, career, studies, achieving this and that right from a very early age, and forget about pleasing his or her own self. If you are growing in your career that is good but never forgets about your inner peace. I know everyone’s mind will say about increasing more and more day by day, my mind also tells me the same. But, I never fail to celebrate what I have today and pleasing myself with something that I can say- “I am enjoying my life”.

In the motive of achieving something big we sometimes forget about ourselves. If you have so much money, and don’t have peace in life or don’t have a minute to relax then you see for some solutions to make self-love enter in your life again.


In the early morning if you take out 20-30 minutes, climb a few steps of your stairs to the terrace and deep breath in the open. The sit there for some time and relax your mind, and start meditation.


Food is the best possible option that can give you happiness instantly. Never you feel like taking a break, just order your favorite food and eat. But in this don’t neglect your health.


Many say that music has healing power, if you also think so, then without wasting any time give yourself 10 minutes break and listen to some of your favorite songs. It will really relax your mind, and you will feel closer to yourself, than before.

Above are some examples, you can do anything that makes you happy, it can be; shopping, going salon, writing, and etc. And after taking time for yourself, you will see that how much you are interested in other things apart from earning money. You will find yourself closer to the inner you, that is the true self of yours.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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