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Summers are the best time to get into the shape back. As we sweat even we are not doing anything and just walking on the road, think if you do exercise how much you will sweat and through this, your fat will get abridged quickly.

“Not everybody has the time or can make it to a regular class, personal training session or even the gym,” says Wong, who has created a resistance, core and posture home workout using his mini bands (elasticated resistance bands) and gliders (small circle pads placed under your hands and feet). “Have your mini band set next to your sofa so when the TV adverts come on instead of scrolling through your phone you can target those troubled areas in three minutes,” he says.

To Tone Your Hips And Bottom: Sit down and place the mini strap around your knees, pushing your hips up and down.

For the arm: Place the mini strap on your hand and into the push-up position. Make a push-up, then a row (you can choose to put one arm on your chest with or without a dumbbell) and aim for two minutes.
For the legs: use a glider and set lunge support on the hips ("good exercise and leg stretching are ideal for hip flexors"); curtsey lunges (stronger, healthier bottom); and lateral leg stretching to the inside of the thigh.

Breathe before bed

“Take five minutes before bed and lie down,” says Wong. “Place one hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest. Breathe deeply for five minutes focusing on breathing through your belly and not your chest. The diaphragmatic breathing will help relieve the stress of the day and also aid in a restful night’s sleep.”

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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