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There are many myths in the minds of people about braces, special in the minds of kids. Getting crooked teeth is so casual almost every next door child is grown up with either all the crooked teeth or some. Before getting braces, people fear, have lots of questions and myths running in their head, and some thought that they might have to go through cuts and operation in their mouth. So here I am to break all the myths about it and get out your fear from you.

Myth #1 – Braces will Hurt!

If we talk about orthodontic treatment 20 years ago, then this will not be a myth. But today, with the advancement of dental technology, treatment is almost painless. With the new age support, the adjustment is minimal, so there is no pain.

Myth #2 – Braces are too Costly!

People think that wearing braces is an expensive thing. In particular, India's intangible support costs are too high. They believe in word of mouth. What they did not notice was that the cost of orthodontic treatment varied from case to case. You can now use a simple payment method and you can now complete the task with a support pocket.

Myth #3 – Braces are only for Kids!

This is an ancient myth. Yes, getting Braces in the early stages will help, but getting it will never be too late. If your gums are healthy, then this option is feasible for you. With the development of technology, people aged 6 to 60 can fix their teeth with braces.

Myth #4 – One can get Braces from any Dentist!

This is not true at all. Only orthodontists can receive braces training and have the expertise to treat them. Regular dentists and orthodontists work differently. This is because it involves not only the correction of the curved teeth but also various other issues to be considered.

Myth #5 – Braces attract metal detectors!

This is the most widespread myth about braces. This had been the talk of the town for a long time. But in reality, metal braces are extremely light and will never trigger an alarm. They are only used to get the problem of the teeth resolved and are completely safe.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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