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Sharing things in common is one major reason why most part of friendships exist. Shared moments and paths, common interests in books, movies or TV shows are just some of the patent reasons. But did you know that a deep and beautiful friendship is formed because of a common disease or disability. If you’ve a fan of the “The Fault in Our Stars”, you probably know what we’re trying to suggest.
Born different can be one factor that isolates you from the rest, but these differences help us gravitate to the friends we need most. Just like this seven year old boy from Oklahoma named Madden was born with a cleft lip and complete heterochromia iridium, a condition where the eyes have two different colors. Complete heterochromia iridium is one rare condition, affecting less than 1% of the population. Because of Madden’s condition, mingling up with kids of his age was a struggle. The bullying he experienced at his young age was enough to make him suffer from a breakdown of spirit.

It took just a little glance at the cat’s picture when Madden’s mom knew the cat was meant to be a part of their family. As astonishing as it looks, but the cat had the same conditions as Madden. The cat, named Moon, didn’t only have a cleft lip, he also had complete heterochromia iridium. It was like a match made in heaven. A friendship that shares similar challenges.

It was the affection and kindness of both friends and strangers that helped Madden and his family travel from Oklahoma to Minnesota. Because of those small acts of kindness from different people, Moon was made a part of the family.

Even though Moon was a stray cat who was rescued from the streets of Minnesota, he was the one who rescued Madden from his loneliness. Owning a pet with the same rare conditions helped Madden feel okay and less left out. Moon helped Madden realize that being different doesn’t make him a creep, it just makes him one distinct personality. Madden’s mom is content with the fact that Moon will help her son’s confidence grow, allowing him to rather extend love and kindness to those who hurl hurtful words at them.

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