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One major thing that married couples or people in a relationship face the most nowadays is infidelity. It’s been ages since marriages are considered a holy bond in Indian society and any relationship outside it is unacceptable and a matter of shame. But this does not stop people from cheating on their partners or having extramarital affairs. Every person should know makes people walk away from a marriage or relationship, and there happens to be many reasons, which differ from person to person. Here’s what relationship expert and senior consultant psychologist Shweta Singh have to say about the reasons:

1.Marriages done forcefully
This ain’t uncommon in this country. Many a times a man or a woman is pressurized by the family to marry someone of their choice. Such a family mostly tend to be too conservative enough no to accept love marriages. Eventually, if a man or a woman ends up marrying someone they don’t love and don’t like living with, it’s common for them to look for a way out and get involved with someone outside marriage, which is not really astonishing.

2. Boredom
Many a times, couples tend to get over the boredom in their marriage by engaging in a relationship with some third person. They do so in the quest of finding the excitement which is somewhere lost in their relationship. The reason why it’s really important to invest some quality time with your partner.

3. Emotional Devoid
We usually jump into the conclusion that infidelity is only a physical act but many people who cheat on their partners start with emotional infidelity. Quite often, after being married or in a relationship for a certain years, emotional detachment might start making it’s way in between the partners making them search for emotional support somewhere else.

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