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The world refuses to recognize you & your presence till the time you force them to. It is only through sheer hard work & passion that we put across gives us the name that the world forever remembers. 20 years back from today, no one would have imagined that a boy from a strict wrestling background would change the way Hollywood thinks & works. But as said, change is a constant thing and it only was a matter of time that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), a wrestler by profession would change the perception of people worldwide towards wrestlers.

An ambassador of the Samoan culture, a third generation wrestler, an actor, a singer and most probably a business tycoon these days, Dwayne Johnson has scaled heights fast & tirelessly. At a very young age Johnson was attracted to wrestling and all its aspects. Johnson fell in love with the squared circle when he saw his dad Rocky Johnson lock horns with one of the greatest who was known as Andre the Giant. Dwayne was awestruck with Andre’s personality and later had the chance of meeting him at a global event. Rocky Johnson was nothing less than a celebrity and when his son chose to become a professional wrestler and debut for the WWF (later changed to WWE) fans just could not wait.

The Rock made his enthralling debut at the 1990 Survivor Series conducted at the Madison Square Garden. Since then, Dwayne never looked back in his career. Dwayne Johnson is one of the most celebrated WWE superstar and fans fail to control their emotions whenever he is on the show. The Rock is one of the greatest example of how passion & hard work when combined can push to greater heights, heights that are immeasurable. The Rock as a child spend more than half of his child hood without his father. Rocky Johnson, Rock’s dad was a fan favorite wrestler and was always on the go for shows conducted worldwide. Rock, who is the richest celebrity currently according to Forbes has hade days when he and his mother were both thrown out of their house. Rocky Johnson had availed a loan which he failed to repay and as a result, the bank sealed Johnson’s home leaving the Rock & his mother on streets. The Rock describes this as the lowest moment of his celebrated life. The Rock also states this particular incident as his driving force.

The Rock moved quickly even before the world could know. The Rock, already the biggest wrestling superstar and a fan favorite in the late 90s decided that he needed to move on. Fortunately for the Rock, the producers of the Mummy series approached him for a small but a vital role. To the Rock’s delight, fans across the world loved his stupendous work which forced the studio to give him his own standalone film which is known as the Scorpion King. Dwayne Johnson had arrived leaving the The Rock behind. Any other WWE superstar is yet to see this amount of fame in movies. Many including Triple-H, John Cena, Hulk Hogan and our very own Khali tried their luck in Hollywood, but to their misfortune, they all failed. With over 136 million followers on Instagram and 13.3 million followers on Twitter, the Rock is the most electrifying man in all of sports business.
A wise man once said, hard work & perseverance builds your path of success. Dwayne lives by this principle and still has the hunger for more, which segregates him from the others.

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