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Even after 10 years of The Dark Knight, it has set such standards that every other Batman-related films are compared against it. Christopher Nolan's trilogy was out an out a successful flick worldwide. The way Heath Ledger got into the skin of Joker’s character, is something incredible and if ever the best villains are rated then, Heath Ledger will always stand at the top. Here are the few great reasons that make him stand out:

1. The Incredible Look
If you’ve read the comics, you know that Joker over there is an over the top character, but that’s not the case in Heath Ledger's version, whose costume imparted the small imperfections that make him grounded, from the uneven coating of white make-up on his face to the shabby look of his purple and green suit. It projects the haphazard, dark nature of the character with all the subtlety and perfection.

2. Stands perfect when compared to the character in the comic book
Not just the costume which did justice to the comic, it’s Joker's anarchist worldview, his against-the-moral attitudes and the complete lack of a background that is completely in sync with the book. Every human life is nothing but another game for him, the only one that mattered to him was Batman, whom he actually respected. That much was made clear in the film and it was very much in keeping with the comic book character.

3. Outstanding Monologues
One of the most known things a villain can but must do is start monologuing. The thing is about striking it right and Heath Ledger as the Joker got it as right as a villain can get it. At every opportunity, Joker was allowed to emit out his dark perspective on everyone, hidden in fake backstories or carefully explained in talks of every day and injustice. They were theatrical, bold and clear and were extremely quotable.

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