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Apples kept falling all around, but Newton saw it. Rubber Pipes existed, JB Dunlop made a tire out of it. Knowledge existed, but it took a Sir Tim Berners-Lee to pass it onto us. The hour is upon us and it is our companion’s 30th Birthday. Our companion, the World Wide Web, who follows us everywhere only to enlighten us with every possible thing that we look for. Well, it is interesting to know that the World Wide Web is an almost a 90’s kid as its first memorandum was filed on 12th March 1989 titled “Information Management: A Proposal”. On our friend’s 30th Birthday, let's dig and deep and plug out two of its important aspects.

Most of us smiled seeing Google wish the World Wide Web on its birthday. Feels like a crossover, crossover of two major chunks of our personal lives. Sir Tim Berners-Lee had a clear vision of the World Wide Web. He had it all in his knowledge by the second half of the 1980s. Fortunately, the very first direct IP connection successfully worked out between Europe & North America allowing Sir Lee to discuss his plan more prolifically. It is often surprising to think about the fact that the World Wide Web was born out of Sir Lee’s frustration while working for CERN. A determined Sir Lee along with his partner Robert Cailliau published an official proposal on 12th November 1990 under the name of World Wide Web.

The world is a small place and many times you would find people around you who are often confused between the Internet & the World Wide Web. The internet is a network that connects systems & interfaces globally, on the contrary, the World Wide Web is the collection of informative documents. If we square it off, then the World Wide Web needs the internet to function. Moreover, we need both of them to help us on a daily basis. If you told somebody from the 70s, 80s or the 90s that mankind will have access to a minefield of information stored in their respective pockets, people would have asked you if you were a fool. All said & done, the biggest fools somehow change the world in their unique way and the sensible cheer.

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