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Gone are the days when kids had almost no say in what they do and how they do it, it’s time when they’re killing it and taking over the adults. There was a time when the five or six-year-olds were sitting back at home reciting English alphabets but, I guess that era is long gone now. Even kids now are exploring all that field which is still somewhere feared by the adults. Now, you must be questioning why we’re even comparing between the kids and the adults nowadays. Well, it’s because these model kids are slaying it on the ramp with their oh-so-perfect moves and postures that is somewhere unattainable by us. (sighs)

Well, here’s the video for you to understand what we’re exactly talking about. The way they executed their cat-walk and all the poses the struck in front of the camera is something incredible and what we call, perrr-fect!

Right from carrying that intense model look to each step they’re seen taking is on fleek!
It’s seriously commendable how they’ve pulled it off like real professional models on Vogue. And, they should also stand as inspiration for models all around the world for it’s really rare to see kids of four to five years possess such extraordinary talent and portraying it to the world with all the confidence. Seeing them take up such perfection in life in such a meager age, I wonder where was I when I was five, probably I was just busy playing hide and seek or was feeding my non-living doll.

I guess that’s how not just the technology that has advanced but also kids of the generation who’re advancing by leaps and bounds.

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