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Summer is back, and almost everyone love summer (apart from sweating, smell, and tanning). Summer is all about having ice-creams, mango shakes and summer fashion, right. Especially, for girls summer are their best-season for fashion. So here I am with the latest summer trends for the girls that are ‘Must Haves’ this season.

See the list of the amazing summer outfit and styling below:


Tie-dye is the new favorite of designers and fashion influencers in summer 2018, and it looks like to continue in the 2019 summer as well. No longer exclusively the reserve of art teachers and aging hippies, tie-dye has had a modern update. You can get a tie-dye top or long dress and layer to make it look more flourished.

Sunshine Shade

Sunshine is the summer favorite and also the essential one in the list of summer-trend. You are in the luck for summer 2019 as warm and reds are still in the options, and terracotta shades are rocking since last year. You can seamlessly fuse orange and wine colors together effortlessly.


For me when summer starts, the first thing always comes in my mind is- shorts. Either they are cycling body-fit shorts, capris or the square over the knee shorts, I love each one of them. And this trend can never fade away from the list, right?


Ok, this is not the name of any outfit, but yes you can say it a trend. Wearing bright color at the bottom or on the top, and balancing it out with the neutral colors, or the lighter colors, always catch eyes. There is also another balancing of the outfit in summer that is wearing the loose bottom and balancing with a fitted top.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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