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With the huge increment in technology and changes that this era has brought in our lives, leave us finding a soul mate could be achieved on a click of a button. There are numerous dating apps that are gaining grip among several young people but have you thought- what you will say to the person if you find a match. How do you start crooning your effective flame? A simple 'How you doing’?' would have started a lot of conversation, but now it might not enough!

So, for being the ice-breaker and start the conversation with your match, scroll down to see some tips with the help of which you can start a good conversation.

1. Be an amusing opener

If you don’t want to add in the list of ‘never-opened-messages’ on the dating app, that is so usual, then you need to tickle those funny bones. Right from the start indirectly tell your match that you can capable of maintaining a sparkling conversation by starting with an amusing opener. You can start with some cute flirting, for example, make her blush by saying, “if we were in the same school, you must be the girl to whom I would always pass the notes to.”

2. Avoid calling with Creepy names

A big NO! No! to ‘hey baby’, hello sugar lips’ hey honey’ and so on. Try something better than that, otherwise, you will lose before the game ends. Please be tasteful and use an appropriate salutation to address your potential match.

3. Giphy can be your ice breaker

Sending the GIF to your potential date on an online dating app can work perfectly as an ice-breaker. From their bio on the dating app, find the one thing the person is really nerved about. For example, that your match like eating non-veg so much, send them a funny GIF and follow up with something like, “You are non-vegetarian, I am vegetarian and you know what opposites always attract.”

4. Ask Questions

To leave more possibility of getting an answer, it’s always wise to lead a conversation with a question. Probe into the conjectural territory and give them a situation. It could be something as casual as asking them, 'If you were an ice-cream flavor, what would you be?' or 'What is the first thing you would do if you woke up as a different person?' Go, get creative!

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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