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Feeling low and left out lately? You should actually take a look at your own posts on Instagram, which suggests a lot about where’s your mind heading to and whether falling in the pit, says research.
In fact, a recent study has revealed that little details like the type of filters, the captions you use and even the emojis that you prefer can tell a lot about your present state of mind. A pair of researchers from the University of Vermont and Harvard University have developed an algorithm which might be able to detect the signs of depression.

The study which is published in the journal EPJ Data Science, the researchers surveyed around 166 participants and applied an algorithm to the 43,950 photographs uploaded by them on Instagram.
After getting the results collected, it was found the people who possess symptoms of depression mostly applied colors like blue, dark and grey filters for their pictures.

It is also observed that they mostly preferred using dim-photos and posted images showing their faces less per photo. Not only did the photos presented a sad perspective, but they also seemed to take more selfies. This basically indicated the fact that they did not spend as much time with their family, friends or even socializing as before.

The study also came out with this that those suffering from depression were more likely to use the Inkwell filter (black and white) on Instagram. And on the other hand, people who didn’t have any such signs of depression preferred using Valencia filter on social media which makes the photos look warmer and brighter presenting a happy picture.

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