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The poignant pictures of Titanic sinking photos capture the catastrophe that occurred taking 1,500 lives one April night in 1912.
The winter of 1911-1912 had been quite a normal one. Higher-than-usual temperatures in the North Atlantic had made more icebergs to drift off the west coast of Greenland than at any point in the previous 50 years.
Had there been no such anomalously warm winter, perhaps the Titanic might never have had any iceberg to hit and only be witnessed as a history.
Let’s have a look at few of it’s real before and after sinking pictures:

The Titanic sits near the dock at Belfast, Northern Ireland soon before starting its maiden voyage. Circa April 1912.

The reading and writing room on the first-class deck of the Titanic, as captured before the vessel took off. 1912.

Titanic passengers strolling past the ship's onboard lifeboats soon before the ship went down. Circa April 10-14, 1912.

The Café Parisien portion of the first-class restaurant aboard the Titanic, as seen soon before the vessel took off. 1912.

Captain Edward J. Smith (right) and Purser Hugh Walter McElroy stand aboard the Titanic as it travels between Southampton, England and Queenstown, Ireland, just one day into its voyage — and three days before it would sink. Circa April 10-11, 1912.The man who took this photograph, Rev. F.M. Browne luckily got off at Queenstown. Both Smith and McElroy died in the disaster.

The iceberg suspected of having sunk the Titanic, as photographed by the steward of a passing ship the morning after the Titanic sinking. The other ship had not yet received word about the Titanic sinking but the steward reportedly saw red paint smeared along the base of the iceberg, indicating that a ship had struck it within the last several hours. April 15, 1912.

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