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This not might be the case for all, but most of us get nervous while attending job interviews. Instead of hiding this feeling, it would be even better if we try to accept it and do something in order to curb that fear, to make the interview a smooth process rather than a fearful act. So here are some points to calm you down before you sit for an interview:

1. Leave earlier than the time given
Being late only adds to the fear which is already instilled in you. Start from home quite in advance and if you reach the place at a really early hour, you can, of course, cool down your nerves by spending some time prepping up at a nearby café, which gradually gives you a further boost in confidence.

2. Prepare a bit more for the day
What we worry the most about is how will we react when asked some question out of the syllabus? Here’s the solution—don’t just stop at preparing for the obvious questions. Do the core research about the company, so that when they ask about it, which they surely do, you impress them in a minute. Leave no doubt in your mind that you need to prepare more.

3. Play, Replay the scenes in your head
Sometimes replaying the scene of the interview in your mind and exploring all the slightest part—where you can go wrong and where you can score a point—can prove to be really helpful. This also helps you to win over the fear of an unknown question.

4. Dress comfortably
Don’t even think of being over-dressed or being in an impractical manner which you are not real, you might feel uncomfortable and this will only heighten the nervousness. To avoid that wear something comfortable that would not make you feel easy.

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