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We don't know about you, but it seems that Madame Tussauds is one of the most respectable places listed in the weirdest places to be honored. What we mean is, who doesn't want to live forever? And Madame Tussauds is the place where the most popular celebrities’ wax statue made by the artist in their honor. For some celebrities who want to exercise their legacy in Madame Tussauds forever, sometimes things don't go according to plan. After all, human beings are squirting life for celebrity wax statues, you know that “making mistakes” is the inhibit trait of humans!

Rather than expecting a wax figure that looks like a celebrity spitting image, some celebrity wax figures are not only terrible mistakes, but they also look very funny. Madame Tussauds’ statutes are supposed to look alike to their respective celebrities, and this is the reason that the concept of the place going so viral and so popular in no time. People who have visited Madame Tussauds, they know how much celebrities and their statues are looking same, but don’t worry if you want to see that all these statues look exactly the same, you don’t need to visit any, because below we have listed some of the statues of celebrities that are totally different from their respective celeb.

Kareena Kapoor: Eli Avram, is datchu?

Shah Rukh Khan: Well they at least got his grin right!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: It's sad that they got her wrong every single time

Amitabh Bachchan: Creepy Eyes! Totally giving us the chills

Hrithik Roshan: What all have you done?

Madhuri Dixit: We don't know about you, but doesn't the statue look more like Isha Koppikar?

Katrina Kaif: That's really so sweet of her to uncover an unknown person's statue the statue! As that is surely not Kat!

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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