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The new relationships are kinda messed up and we can’t do anything really except moving on with the fact. Nowadays the major problem with relationships is time. Time plays a very crucial role in a way like when you don’t get to see your significant other during the time you want to see, or they couldn’t make time for you, that’s where the problem creeps in. You find yourself in a mess when he/she isn’t there for you at the time you need and you question yourself why are you in such a relationship even:

If the case they’re not making that time for you which you need the most for them, and even after they couldn’t make it they make real lame excuses, that’s a red signal. Let your partner know this fact it’s all about priority, if you really want to do something you will do it.

If you think that they’re gradually becoming emotionally void. The thing is, when they’re not patting you or sympathizing you when you really need it without asking and then when you find out that the shades of emotion are gradually vanishing from your partner, that’s where you know whether to make it or break it. A relationship is all about emotions, if it’s no more available, then there’s no use of such a relationship.

If he/she asks you to compromise according to their wishes, like changing few behaviors, learning stuff, and also to reconsider few choices in life, you know you don’t want that, your parents are enough for such learnings, not them. They are meant to love you for the way you are and not for what they want you to become.

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