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When did the weekend come and when did it fly? If you too find yourself questioning the same every Monday morning, let us make you known to the fact that you aren’t alone. There is a reason that most of us literally hate going back to work and experience Monday blues as weekends simply go by too fast.
If your weekend gets away like this with just a blink of an eye, we are here to help you with the same. We are here with a plan for how you can safeguard your weekends and make the most out of them:

1. Plan beforehand for the weekend
Always make plans for your weekend from beforehand so that you don’t waste it away. Start from the household chores you need to get done to the things you wish to put down from the bucket list. It is also advisable to make a to-do list before your weekend starts.Also, you can recall the stuff you didn’t do in the previous weekend, you can do it this time.

2. Try to keep away from web-series
If you waste away your weekend scrolling away on Netflix and sleeping till noon, they do know that you’re going to complain about it next Monday, as you have done no such deed to feel satisfied with the weekend. This happens to be the major reason which leads to sheer wastage of time, so try and stay away from social media as much as possible. It will also give your eyes the much-needed rest from the rays emitting off the screens.

3. Get your plans executed
Don’t miss reading the book you’ve been planning to for all the week, go on a coffee date with your best friend or go shopping, do everything which you’ve been planning but for some or the other reason, especially laziness couldn’t execute it.

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