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We are about to hold our breath and sit in that little corner of our bed to catch hold of the final season of Game of Thrones, and now it's gotten to the point where fans are gushing over every little thing for a clue of what's to come. When HBO released three new teasers for the upcoming season premiere, you better believe fans gave each one an intense speculation— especially the creepy ominous teaser titled "Aftermath."

The teaser doesn't really show any actual footage from the final season, but it's full of images and glimpses that has got us trembling with fear and lots of other emotions. As the camera pans over a completely isolated Winterfell, several objects are found buried in the snow, like Tyrion's Hand of the Queen pin, Arya's sword (Needle), Bran's chair, and Jon's sword (Longclaw) also, with the music intensifying with it.

The poster that came along with the teaser is very much same as the footage, just a little more to the point, every crucial character is shown lying dead in an icy pile of bodies in a way to resemble the Iron Throne. The shocking fact is, even the old' Night King is in the pack! The poster is enough to send chills down the spine of any GoT fan, to the point where it led one Reddit user to ponder over if it's actually a map to suggest as to who will live and who will die by the end of the season.

Redditor Jnemo412 nicely pointed out who is who on the poster, so we have a pretty good look at the “dead bodies”.
In a theory posed by Reddit user JimmyNice, what if everyone placed on the Night King's side of the poster- in his right is meant to die? Before you freak out because your favorite character just happens to be buried there, hear them out — the fact remains that nobody is safe and the folks on that side of the photo are more likely to meet the fate. There's Cersei (who we know has that dagger hanging over her head), Varys (who has also been told he will die in Westeros), the Mountain (who is already dead, but needs to be put down permanently), and poor, sweet Podrick (someone innocent has gotta die!).
Of course, some facts need to be taken into account. Sansa and Dany are both on the right side, and they're definitely on the run for making it until the end of the season. This theory isn’t really that farce, even though we really hope Pod doesn't bite the dust!

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