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India has been observed as one of the most emerging market economies in recent decades. But it's ever-evolving population combined with rapid economic growth has also made way for enormous unusual challenges connected to bureaucracy, infrastructure, and crime. And all of this has collided with India's distinct and colorful culture. There are actually many, but for now, we’ve taken hold of four weird things which only happen in India:

1. A mother endures labor to deliver babies at auspicious times.
Superstition is a big deal in India and the parents here are known to have c-sections or to plan ahead and induce labor at times that are considered auspicious. Some Hindus rest faith in the fact that being born at a certain time will make the child’s future better.

2. People put up photos of deities on building walls to prevent public urination.
Still, 50 percent of India's population is said not to have no access to proper toilets at home which is, of course, a huge problem. BBC columnist Rahul Tandon wrote about a home where people had put up pictures of Indian deities to prevent people from urinating on their walls. This was also mentioned in Rohinton Mistry's 1991 novel, "Such A Long Journey."

3. That Elephants come back for revenge
It was an incident where a train hit and killed an elephant in India, the herd stayed on to mourn. An elephant-chasing squad was called in from Bengal but the elephants eventually returned and caused destruction through and through the village, damaging 10 homes.

4. Banks have no locks on their front door.
In Shani Shingnapur, a famous temple town in Maharashtra residents have built homes without doors and locks because they believe it is protected by Lord Shani. The town got its first commercial bank, UCO Bank, in 2011 and it has no lock on its front door.

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