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An average Californian world traveler projects his love for cats in his beautifully captured photograph in Turkey. He says he loves cats and someday aspires to own one. He crossed many international borders and fears it’ll be too difficult. He talks about the road which is often lonely and he always wants to play with stray animals to feel even better about his work, but the fact being they’re usually too afraid of people. He puts this in Boredpanda, stating that “When I arrived for a two-week sight-see in Turkey, I couldn’t believe how many stray kitties roam the streets and cafes, and how aggressively friendly they are! If I stood in one spot for just a few minutes, it was guaranteed that one would come running to be stroked… and then soon after, another! I believe it is a reflection of the warm hearts of the Turkish people, who have taken it upon themselves to care for these animals, feeding them and even building them adorable houses.”
He says one day, he was strolling the Bosphorus Canal and he saw something he never imagined possible: two cats just cuddling each other, inseparable. He claims that he has never seen any cats, let alone strays, behave like this. As he quickly captures the beautiful photos, he wondered whether anyone would believe it wasn’t staged but then, who could ever possibly pose cats like this? Cats don’t really listen to anyone as such.
He says undoubtedly he loved Istanbul and can’t wait to return to the same place. He misses the kind people, the delicious food, and of course, the little furry ones. Now for you to see some kitty snuggles, or got to scroll up and be awe-struck by each of them:


Maybe chilling near the water

The other one just wanna stick by her partner

Laughing? Isn't he?

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