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You can’t really trust any human being when you meet them first, this is mostly the case with the men you come across. They’ll say they’re fine when they’re not, to avoid any sort of argument or to avoid some work they’ll come up with “I forgot, sorry”. Keeping such stuff in mind there five common things men might lie about when they are dating or have a crush on someone:

1. Past Relationships
This doesn’t come as any surprise, most of the men lie about the exact number of women they’ve dated in the past, also, the how many they’ve cheated on. Well a poll done by a dating website concluded that 44 percent of men admitted to lying to their partner about cheating in their previous relationships. It’s simple, no man would want to lose the current one by bringing out the ugly truth.

2. Matter Of Ex-Boyfriends
Your new boyfriend might pretend to be cool with the fact that you chat with your ex-lover or hang out with him but in reality, he is totally envious about this fact, and why wouldn’t he? Need an explanation?

3. Income
No matter whether it’s high or low, he would never divulge such a thing to a woman he has just started dating. It’s quite a popular fact that salary is one of that stuff that is meant to remain confidential. In fact, according to a survey published in SAGE journals, 87 percent of the online male daters lie about their salary to impress the woman they like.

4. Height
Every man below 6 feet is found to be conscious about their height. Also, they don’t ever divulge their actual height. According to a study published in journal Personality and Social Psychology, 55 percent of the participants lied about their height on their online dating profile.

5. Their Feelings
A man is meant to be freaking ‘strong’ and ‘masculine’ right? Many men go through a lot to accept their emotional vulnerability. Most of them might not be as expressive at all and say ‘I am fine’ even if they are not at all fine from within.

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