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Kids possess a very active mind, mind which flows with the undercurrent of enormous ideas. Kids with a higher than usual curiosity level are capable of doing wonders if you teach them right. There are also times when kids come up with astonishing solutions to problems even adults find difficult to solve. Be it the problems related to pollution or traffic menace, kids at times offer a thoughtful response in a jiffy.
As adults deal with all the problems of bad honking and traffic problems which never really meets an end, an 11-year-old from Mumbai has come up with the most innovative solution to solve the problem. To make sure that her solution reaches to the bigger level, she posted a letter coming up with a solution to Anand Mahindra, one of the leading industrialists in the country.

Impressed by 11-year-old Mahika Mishra's intelligence, Anand Mahindra shared the letter on social media. Applauding the girl's intelligence, he also gave his words to work on the ideas suggested by Mahika.
He shared the letter on Twitter and said:“At the end of a tiring day, when you see something like this in the mail..the weariness vanishes…I know I’m working for people like her, who want a better—and quieter world!” Mahindra tweeted along with a picture of a letter signed by little Mahika Mishra.

She suggested a few ways to combat the honking problem in her letter. She added, "I have a suggestion that you can only honk 5 times in 10 minutes and the honk will last only for 3 seconds. In this way, the noise will be minimised and our roads will be quieter."
"It would be nice if you will use my idea in cars made by your company. I request you, I really want to see the making of the electric cars as they don't cause pollution."

As soon as the letter was shared it went viral on social media. Netizens praised the girl for her sensibility. Users also praised the girl being conscious of her environment and taking such a great step.

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