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The costume, the sets, the attention to even small details, the walk of the protagonists in the garden in the evening, and of course the brooding men, we absolutely love how British drama and dramatists add the value of literature in our lives through their great work. The story line and the narration techniques they use in taking the turn from one plot to the other, make the audience to delve into the story deeply.

And, luckily our TV channels are filled with them, from 1920s gangs to 18th-century romance there is British TV period drama to suit everyone and we’re keen to watch every single scene of almost each famous dramas. Drama is not limited to the stage shows or TV serials, but you can carry them with yourself, and read where and whenever you want it to. So, without wasting time, grab some popcorns and cold drinks and get ready to see the list below of some famous British dramas that you are going to watch this weekend.

1. The Durrells in Corfu

The Durrells is the popular comedy British drama, but it's actually set in Corfu in the 1930s. The drama is constructed on Gerald Durrell's memoirs, it stars the always excellent Keeley Hawes (not her only appearance on this list) as a strong and struggling young widow who moves with her four young children to Europe. The costume in the play is so amazing and it can be the best one to watch with your family this Sunday afternoon.

2. Poldark

If you like watching your period drama brooding, then you will definitely like Poldark. This depicts the scene of the 18th century, the lead character of Rose Poldark is played by very handsome (pleasing to eyes) Aidan Turner. You will be going to encounter the downfall of the protagonist’s life, he returns from the American Revolutionary War to discover about her father’s death, on his return he finds that his estate is in ruin and his childhood sweetheart is also engaged to his cousin.

3. Victoria

The name of the drama will definitely give you feel that the show is all about Queen Victoria. It stars Jenna Coleman in the title role and begins with Victoria’s ascension to the throne and the drama continues to show you her marriage to Albert. The second season is streaming right now, so grab your popcorn and be ready to see the amazing series.

4. Pride & Prejudice

The great story written by Jane Austen taught people so much and then converted to make the play of this great novel. Colin Firth puts in an iconic performance as Mr. Darcy in Andrew Davies's iconic 1995 BBC adaptation Pride & Prejudice. He was unquestionably born to play Jane Austen's menacing leading man, and we'd even suggest that because the role he succeeded in his career — remember him playing Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones's Diary?

5. War and Peace

Tolstoy's extensive literary classic, set during the Napoleonic wars and the French assault of Russia, has been modified many times, but the most recent lavish BBC edition (which aired in 2016) definitely holds its own. Penned by Andrew Davies, he is the man in BBC who is behind the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice. War and Peace featured a huge cast of period drama experts together with young stars like Lily James, James Norton, and Aneurin Barnard.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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