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You know you should never be planning a visit to North Korea or Iraq, but there are still many of the desirable locations where the traveling can be adventurous in every sense because of the sense of terror somewhere attached to it. And therefore, you shouldn’t really take your family there:

1. Hawaii
While it’s a place in the wishlist of most of the couples out there but it might be surprising to see the Big Island of Hawaii as a dangerous place to visit. The eruption of a volcano has put Kilauea in a state of emergency, with toxic gas, fissures, lava flows, and earthquakes all a risk. You are likely to see special airline deals failing, therefore, think before booking to Hawaii.

2. Acapulco
This beach resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast is not really the white-sand party destination it once was. Gobbels explains it’s in the same category as places like Iran, Syria, and North Korea. The question is like why is it such dangerous? It’s deemed as the murder capital of the country, with dozens of gangs operating in the open. A huge part of Mexico is still good to do, though.

3. Israel and the Middle East
Given the recent unrest and chaos with the U.S. embassy’s move to Jerusalem, the area can be one dangerous destination. Even though the opening ceremony for the embassy seemed like a great time, 50 miles away in Gaza, violent protests came into occurrence. Also taken among the holiest places in the world, many reside here, but the State Department warns you to be alert and prepared.

4. Brazil
When the listed down the 50 most dangerous cities in the world, 17 of them were in Brazil. If you travel it’s important to always to keep your eyes and nose open and keep your safety in check, warns Gobbels. “Crime is rampant in the cities, and you need to be especially careful if you travel anywhere outside the main tourist areas.” Your health could also be a target: If you’re heading to the beach—even the famed sands of Ipanema—if you recall the water pollution is a definite concern. One study found that just three teaspoons of the water could expose swimmers to a viral or bacterial infection. Beneath the sand there’s found infectious bugs, Gobbels explains, and that makes it risky for babies or toddlers.

5. Malaysian Borneo
This island destination in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago offers soulful beaches, a rich rainforest, and amusing wildlife from leopards to orangutans. The views may be great, but the political climate makes it risky. The election season in early May created a stir with threats of kidnapping foreigners; spots on the island known for diving are among the most dangerous.

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