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Currently, I am so obsessed with the interior of the house that demands lots of indoor green plants. And I am not only obsessed I actually have covered my whole house with so many beautiful green plants (not all are green, just ignore some pretty pinks), I have not even left a corner or any area in the kitchen and balcony.

Green plants have a class that instantly make the house look beautifully decorated. Whenever I find the place to include some plants in the area in my house, I always put some plants decorate them with lights (as I love the light, as well) and also put either mirror on some antique piece around. They complement the decoration so well.

So let me you how I do this and what are the other ways through which you can also decorate your house with green plants to make the house ‘picture perfect’ one.

1. Use Cart or A Bech

So simple, right! If you have any leftover bench or cart while shifting or you have found it in your grandma house. Without giving it any second thought just bring that home and paint it in white (as white looks so classy). You can put lots of plants over it and organize it amazingly with some small and big plants.

2. Electric White Pots

I think that using different varieties of pots make plant area look more interesting. And you can also put them all together with an almost same color theme. Try this at your house and see the instant difference. By doing this you will also get a new place at your house for a picture session.

3. Geometric Plants’ Pot

Geometrically shaped pots of the plants to look so cute on a desk or on centerpiece on a dinner table.

4. Hanging Plants

Hanging plants using nylon rope will make your interior really pop. It will add the unexpected and really new thing to your house decor.

5. A Big One Next To Your Couch

This one is the most probably the standard one that I have ever seen. You can try this in your living room by placing a really nice big leaves’ plant next to your couch.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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