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Gurgaon-based food ordering service Zomato has recently unveiled its food delivery report and given an insight into the food preference of Indians in 200 cities where the food delivery platform operates.

Some of the points in the report surprisingly opened our eyes with shock, for example, a delivery boy who had to deliver the food a place near to Guwahati had to take a boat across the Brahmaputra River for the delivery.

This is not just enough, you will be shocked to hear that on one occasion, some person from Alwar placed the food order through Zomato app of 292 orders with 48 different restaurants. In Jaipur, as many as 415 boxes were required to make the delivery worth rupees 1, 85, 769.

The most surprising finding in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh state, beat the bog metro city- Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, in ordering the midnight food.

And when it comes to breakfast Zomato calculated that Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh beats all the other cities for ordering breakfast. According to the Zomato’s figures, the city people are in love with their breakfast and this is the reason that the city left behind all the other cities in India

Whenever you see your Zomato delivery boy or any other one, they always ride on a bike, right. But do you know there is a place where Zomato delivery boys deliver by riding on bicycle sand avoiding bikes? Well, this place is Bihar. Yes, Bihar’s Gaya and Bhagalpur, Zomato has way more bicycle-rising delivery boys than bike-borne ones.

There is a place in Gujrat- Anand, where pizza is the most popular order. Zomato users in Jummu are the most likely to order fast food among tier-3 cities. Among tier-2 cities, Ahmedabad saw the most number of food orders from Zomato being delivered.

Kota is the city in Rajasthan, the city is the largest emerging city for food delivery app. Whereas Tuni is the smallest emerging city in Andhra Pradesh and the city is also most cashless, Zomato noted in its report.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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