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Spring is in the air, we are encountering blossoms everywhere. Everyone has their own way to celebrate the season and greeting it. So as Texas police officers took the challenge that is so much trending this day- #BackTheBlueBonnet, which they have to flock meadows to play with the bluebonnets.

Yes, that is right, we are not lying. Many of them have decided to pose around the bluebonnet field and has accepted the challenge on social media and inviting other people to post pictures of themselves directly from the field of bluebonnets.

Let us see the pictures below:

The law enforcement community is sharing these playful pictures of the officers, posing in so many different poses. Some are meditating, while others are reading books, enjoying a donut, and even posed like they are catching the thief.

However, whether the cops are striking in the pictures or not, but they seem to enjoy the most in the silly striking positions, all of them seem to be enjoying the beauty of the spring and bluebonnets fields’ blossoms.

“Roses are red, bluebonnets are blue. These cops are too happy, to arrest you.” Withnail (one of the followers commented).

A long time ago, selecting the state flower headed to a battle of the sexes with many male lawmakers favouring the tough cactus or the business-friendly cotton boll as best representative of the state. But the ladies — precisely the National Society of Colonial Dames of America — had a diverse dimension to see the things. They wanted the Lupinus subcarnosus or buffalo clover as it was commonly called at the turn of the century, to become the symbol of Texas.

But finally, in 1971 the politicians found the solution, “They solve the problem by basically writing legislation that states that those two species plus any other that happened to show up in the future would come under the umbrella of the state flower”, Oxley said.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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