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Human beings have got this tendency to hide or shirk any negative feelings or emotions. Be it a nasty fight with parents or with your partner or a love-hate relationship with your colleague, we tend to keep a lot of emotions hidden.
However, the more we live in ignorance instead of acknowledging and expressing what we are feeling, the more conflicted and complexed you feel. When you put your feelings aside without addressing them, they actually start accumulating in your body inflicting harm to it. Here is a list, check out to see if you recognize any of the following:

1. Pain in the chest area
Has it been a while since you have been complaining about a chest pain all of a sudden, especially near the heart, you might actually be hurt. If you have been feeling down and low and suppressing this feeling of breaking down, you might get really uncomfortable around the chest area.

2. Bad Headache
Do you often find yourself complaining about a tear jerking headache that refuses to go, you might be feeling that it’s going to burst out. It’s an advice, learn to let go what you cannot really control, it will ultimately bring some much-needed peace of mind to you.

3. Shoulder and neck pain
Do you often feel pretty much pain around the neck and on shoulders? It might be because you are weighing yourself down with too many responsibilities alone and are tremendously overburdened. We suggest seeking some assistance and support whenever it all gets a bit too much.

4. Feeling some problem while breathing
Do you often feel exhausted and trouble breathing? Yes, you’re taking way too much stress. Also, suffering from anxiety issues may result in breathing difficulties, so you need to stop being bottlenecked about your emotions.

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