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Recently Jordyn Woods posted a picture of her in a dim light showing off her gorgeous body in a black bodycon dress with a caption “Girls be doing the most to show off their nail colour.” The post was made at 2 am in the morning according to the American time zone.

People in the comment section started relating it to Kylie Jenner and thought it’s shade at her, Especially after the huge cheating scandal between Tristan, Khloe, and Jordan which eventually, lead to the end of the friendship between Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner. But right after few minutes, she noticed there were hundreds of similar comments tagging Kylie in it so deleted the post immediately.

Well talking about Kylie she’s now a Billionaire herself through her Cosmetic line and if she wants to flaunt her nail colour she’ll do that straight away not through any sneaky pose. And Jordyn Woods has been closest one to Kylie for quite a long time so she knows it all. So it’s likely that she was talking about girls in general.

The reason Jordyn deleted the post might have been that she didn’t want anyone to think that she’s taking a dig at Kylie. Even though she was fast enough to delete her post but fans had caught it all. The post might have turned to be a little embarrassing for Jordan now but compared to her recent cheating scandal its nothing

Well, fans wish the fight ends soon and Kylie and Jordyn could reunite once again but seeing the course of the river its likely not happening any sooner.

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