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We all want to look flawless by putting almost zero efforts, right? Unfortunately, all of us don’t have that flawless skin, unless you are lucky enough to have that ‘perfect-skin’, which is hard to find. There are chances that you need a little extra assistance to get that much coveted no-makeup makeup look. But we have good news!

Getting this ‘Instagram-approved face just requires a quick trip to this article, as here you will find the best tricks that will be useful for you to get that flawless look.

Scroll down to look at the tricks to master on no-makeup makeup look.

1. Hydrate Your Skin

Always start by hydrating your skin. "A lot of people come in complaining about dry skin," says Emery. You can use any hydrating mask or hydrating face serum that will leave your skin soft and smooth. "If you want your makeup to look good, it starts with a good skincare routine — this is step number one."

2. Find ‘Your Kinda’ Product

Find that product that will save your time, and for this, you can use time and money saving foundation serum. The product that comes with tons of benefits. Your foundation should be the one that can make your skin smooth and firm and a radiant effect.

3. Define Your Eyes

While doing your eyes, give it time, as eyeliner is like a cat that can sense the fear. The key to master the application of the liner is to take your time and not to rush. Never use the eye-liner that is more than three months old around your eyes.

4. Lift Those Pretty Lashes

Intense black lashes can make change the whole look. Lift your lashes and apply the mascara that will increase the volume of your lashes. Experts suggest that finding that one mascara that doesn’t need eyelash curler for extra lift, will save your time.

5. Find Your Favourite Nude

For the final touch, no-makeup makeup look needs the perfect nude, which so near to your lips, but better. Nude with the shade of peach is the shade that to flatter on any skin tone. The color plays well with warm and cool undertones.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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