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One of the most authentic teachings of astrology is palm. This method is predicted based on the lines and the mountain areas of the palm. According to Dr. Vinita Nagar, the palmist of Ujjain, know what things of nature and habits can be seen by looking at the palm ...
1. According to Astrology, if a person's palm is thin or rigid, then the person is most of the time worried and mostly nervous.
2. People whose palm is thick, heavy and tender, they gain all the comforts and pleasures without much difficulty.
3. People whose palm is thin and soft, laziness is more in their nature. They have comfortable choices and don’t take much pressure for future endeavors. Such people face losses many times due to idleness.
4. People with harsh palm are hardworking. If the palm and fingers are in equal proportion then the person is a stable mind, diligent, quick to understand anything and treat everyone equally.
5. Those who have a crater in their palm, do not get fate. The pothole is not considered auspicious in the palm. Such people face difficulties and their hard work is not always successful.
6. People who work very thoughtfully, usually their palm is big. People with such palms do any work very well in whatever field they are and they also get success soon.
7. The person whose palm is smaller than normal, cannot implement the schemes properly and thus have confusion in decision making.
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