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During a relationship, boyfriends or girlfriends share a special bond. But the most important thing is Honesty which should prevail in all the relationship. If your partner is lying to you then you should act. But before you make some decisions try to have a conversation first. Sometimes lack of conversation also leads to toxic relation. That’s why we are going to tell you some signs that will help you recognize that your partner is lying to you.
Telling that they are always busy
If you ask about the schedule of your partner and they always avoid telling you or keep saying they are busy, it's better you should start worrying. Try to talk to them or discuss your routine with them. People can be busy also sometimes but then avoiding each other doesn’t help. Try to call once or have a meal together in a day.
Body language
If you see any changes in your partner's body language, then understand that he or she is hiding something from you. Apart from this, if they are not making eye contact or avoiding eye contact during the conversation, it means that he or she is constantly lying. Also, the way they behave in public also indicates what type of relationship you have.
Change in behavior
If you are already noticing some disturbances in your partner's behavior, then do not ignore it. Believe in yourself and start exploring the case. Besides, when your partner's gesture does not match his words, then understand that your partner is lying to you. If they don’t take calls when you are around or don’t tell much about their life, then you should be worried.
Defense Mechanism
When someone does something wrong, then they start defending themselves. So, when you will confront them or ask about the matter either they will shout or will start defending themselves. They will never seek a way to solve the issue, but it always tries a way to run from the situation.
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