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For this, you have to put tandoori mayonnaise on brown bread or white bread according to your preference. Now cut the cucumber, onion and tomato slices on it and add salt and black pepper on it to enhance the taste. You can also add vegetable of your choice. Your sandwich is ready. This mayonnaise you will get comfortably in the market. Recently, Del Monte has launched affordable packs of Mayonnaise Spreads, which you will find in only 35 rupees.
For this, you need to put oats into milk in a healthy shake mixer, so that the oats can be cracked. Now add a banana and peanut butter and mix the mixer once again. You can add sugar in a very little proportion according to your preference. Your Healthy Shake is ready. Have it with fresh fruits or simply the shake alone.
Keep the yellow lentils in water overnight. Pour the salt in the morning and grind it till the mixture is in a paste form. Heat the prepared mixture and fry it in the spacing and add cashews, paneer, vegetables, and items of your choice to it. Put a little ghee and turn it aside and lighten the other side. Do not overcook. Use the non-stick pan for preparation. The dish is ready.
Add curd and semolina in a bowl. Now cover it for 15 minutes. Now add finely chopped coriander, onion, tomatoes, ginger paste, pepper, and salt. Cut corners of bread. Sprinkle the bread on the pan when it is warmed, add yogurt semolina mixture over it. Bake it on both sides and when it is ready to serve it with tomato ketchup.
First, take plane mayonnaise in a bowl. Now add finely chopped onion, capsicum and green chilly. After that add salt and pepper and mix well. Add all the mixtures on the bread and put it in a toaster. Your sandwich is ready to serve. For this, you can also buy Deluxe Packs for the Spreads.
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