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Yes, this is right, if you love your work, people starting loving whatever you are doing. Everything has its negative face and positive as well, but it is all depend on you, what you want to see. And the same case with many people that I have noticed.

Since my childhood I was noticing my family members, relatives and most of the people I encounter with, most of them are not happy with their work. Then I asked them why they had no definite answer for it. However, seeing these people I decided (though I was a small kid, a teenager, that time I even don’t know what will I do in future) to find the work or career line in which I wouldn’t get bored, instead, every day I do something new.

I even didn’t know that I would ever write this, but today I thought it is important to let the people know what my perspective towards my work is and why people are loving my job. So before that, I want to clear a differentiating line between two words- Work and Job.

Work is what a person is doing according to his/her abilities, while a job is something according to which or under which the person is working.

Yesterday, when I call my friend who is also a writer, but she writes for a different genre, and I must say she is so good. But I was so disheartened when she said that she is bored with her job, instead she likes what I am doing. She said, “How interesting your job is- clicking pictures of your outfits, and writing whatever you want to”. I cleared her that my job is not easy, I feel so tried each day when I reach home, and during the shoot-day, I got double tired, and sometimes I have to work on weekends, to complete my pending work. I also said to her that, “it is just I love my work”.

And this is the reason, behind why never get bored, I never feel exhausted and come with new ideas every day.

So, guys, I suggest you love your work, your job will get better automatically. I also have struggled so much, but the time I started loving my work and started doing what I love to do, from that day my job got better.

Always choose what you like to do as your career, today, we have an almost great career in every field, while it is writing, acting, creative job, dance, teaching, crafting, or whatever you like to do. And this will become the backbone of your life that will never let you down

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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